Office space calculations

Office Space Calculations

When a business is looking for an office space in Austin, there are several determinations that need to be made. One of the most important ones is  how much office do we really need? When leasing space in Austin it is important that your broker like Shire Commercial can detail the basic square footage and layout considerations for your new office. The following is a good guideline on how office space calculations work and the approximate square footage for each office space that should be considered when making your office space calculations.

First let’s start with executive office space in Austin , this would include a partner’s office , or standard office space. Keep in mind the square footage for each type of office space is an approximation and may change due to an individual’s preferences.

Executive Office 

  • CEO or Directors    300 square feet
  • Partners    225 square feet
  • Standard office  150 square feet
  • Small office   120 square feet

As a tenant looks at the approximate numbers , of course you would take the number of people X each type of office = Total square footage required.


  • Supervisor workstation  100 square feetAustin Offices for Lease
  • Standard cubicle 48 square feet
  • Small cubicle  25 square feet


Conference rooms are usually pretty important to most tenants , here is a run down of the square footage required for conference room areas.

Conference Room Space calculations

  • Board room space 375 square feet
  • Conference room standard  300 square feet
  • Small meeting room   225 square feet

Reception and additional office space areas

  • Large reception areas 500 square feet
  • Small reception area 300 square feet
  • Copy rooms or mail rooms 150 square feet
  • Pantry -break room space 300 square feet
  • Files – storage   375 square feet

There are always greys when it comes to figuring square footage for office space in Austin, however this is a good start. Shire Commercial specializes in helping tenants find, negotiate, strategize and close on leases for office property in the Austin area.