Commercial Real Estate Broker Austin

Why you should hire a Commercial Real Estate Broker in Austin?

Whether you are a Buyer , Tenant or Seller of a commercial real estate property in Austin , wouldn’t you need a trustworthy professional to help you get a reasonable deal and help you avoid problems? There are plenty of situations over the past 15 years, where we have encountered the “do it myself” folks only to hear that they now have issues and need help, perhaps a bit too late?  Simple examples such as executing a lease that is way over market and now they are stuck and can’t sublet cause its too pricey.  They didn’t know what to look for in a lease document and now they have to pay much higher NNN expenses or they are liable for HVAC replacements.  There are many more examples that we can fill this article with.  So let’s discuss why its a smart move for you to hire a Commercial Real Estate Broker in Austin?

What is required by Brokers?Commercial Real Estate Broker in Austin

A professional commercial real estate broker in Austin must be licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission and take continuing education every 2 years to renew their license.  You can’t get that looking at Loopnet like everyone else, there is expertise and knowledge from direct experience that has to be gained.  A Broker has a fiduciary to their client, that means represent their clients interests above their own first.  Does that mean a commercial real estate broker just does whatever their client tells them to do? No, it does not if a Client asks a seasoned professional to do something that is out of line, unreasonable they owe it to their Clients to let them know that it isn’t a good strategy and why.  Think about it, what is the reason to have experience and training if everyone knows more than you do, the bottom line is they don’t although the internet may trick you into thinking so.

Avoiding Problems

Filling our promulgated forms correctly is critical, which by the way costs the commercial real estate broker money just to have access to these. As a client, you get them for free! What a Deal! We have exclusive access to over 100 different forms , as a buyer, tenant or seller you have access to a few if you go it alone.  All commercial real estate brokers in Austin are supposed to abide by the National Association of Realtors Code of Ethics , the Code of Ethics holds commercial real estate brokers to a higher standard of professional behavior.  A Commercial Real Estate Broker in Austin has access to subscription only tools that we an pair with our experience of the local market and its trends to make sure negotiations are in your favor.  Don’t know what to look for in a For Sale contract, lease contract or listing agreement? We do.. although we cannot provide legal advice on language or re-write provisions we are able to point out the warning signs for Clients.  So, if you have a property for sale, property for lease, looking to purchase or looking to lease why not get an advantage to your team today? We are here to help, we help you, then we help ourselves in that order.